Институт физической культуры, спорта и туризма СФУ - "Sport of the highest achievements in the chosen sport"

Qualification - Master

The professional activity of the master in physical culture is aimed at studying and improving the physical and functional capabilities of a person, training athletes of all skill levels, managing the processes and objects of physical culture and sports, shaping the personality and its involvement in common human values through active physical training and sports.
Types of professional activity, to which the master prepares in the direction of preparation 034300 "Physical Culture":
• pedagogical;
• coaching;
• Design;
• recreational;
• organizational and managerial;
• Research;
• cultural and educational.
The field of professional activity of masters includes physical culture education, sports, motor recreation and rehabilitation, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, services, tourism, management, scientific research, performing skills.
Objects of professional activity of masters are:
• persons involved in activities in the field of physical culture and sports and potential consumers of sports, health and sports services;
• the processes of formation of ideological, motivational and value orientations and attitudes towards the preservation and strengthening of health, the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, the optimization of the person's psychophysical state, the mastering of various motor skills and skills, and associated knowledge, the development of motor abilities and high efficiency;
• educational-methodical and normative documentation.

Head of the main educational program Sadyrin Sergey Leonidovich.