Институт физической культуры, спорта и туризма СФУ

49.03.03 - "Recreation and sports and health tourism"

Qualification - bachelor

The direction is created at the junction of three areas - sports, health and organizational and management. Specialists of this profile can apply the means of physical training primarily to preserve and restore human health.

The training of bachelors of this profile is aimed primarily at preserving and restoring human health through sports, recreational and tourist activities.
Preparation of the bachelor in this direction assumes trips to the popular tourist territories of the region (Krasnoyarsk poles, Minin Pillars, Ergaki).

The field of professional activity of the bachelor in recreation and sports and health tourism are:
• sports and health tourism;
• Physical culture and sports recreation and rehabilitation;
• activities to improve the population means of physical culture, sports and tourism;
• Tourism, leisure and recreation industry;
• tourist and recreational facilities and systems;
• sanatorium and resort facilities.

Bachelor of Recreation and Sports and Health Tourism can work:
- coach and instructor in tourist clubs, educational and sports institutions,
- Instructor in health institutions, sanatoria and rest homes;
- Methodist for tourism, lifeguard on tourist routes;
- Manager in travel agencies, tourist centers.

Head of the main educational program Geleckiy Vladislav Mikhailovich