Институт физической культуры, спорта и туризма СФУ

49.03.01 - "Physical Culture"

Qualification - bachelor

The professional activity of the bachelor in physical culture is aimed at studying and improving the physical, mental and functional capabilities of a person, developing and approving the principles of an active and healthy way of life, practicing them with physical education and sports, forming a personality, associating it with universal values, values Physical culture and sports.

Graduates who received higher education in the direction of "Physical Culture" are prepared for various activities in this area:
- to pedagogical and coaching activities in all types of educational institutions, in various sports organizations, in national teams in various sports;
- to management activities in the field of physical culture and sports at the local, regional and federal levels;
- to perform recreational and rehabilitation tasks by means of physical culture and sports in sports, sports, entertainment, tourist, medical, rehabilitation and preventive institutions of any form of ownership.

The field of professional activity of a bachelor in physical education is:
• physical Culture and sport;
• mass sports;
• sport of higher achievements;
• professional sports;
• motor recreation and rehabilitation;
• activities to improve the population means of physical culture and sports.